Greek Islands Travel in Crete: Chania to Paleochora

The Go Guy in Crete, Greece

A family travel day on the Greek Islands almost gone wrong – we almost ran out of gas in Crete! We left Chania for Paleochora (Palaiochora or Παλαιόχωρα or Παλιόχωρα on Greek) on the Greek Island of Crete, Greece in a rental car that we had a company bring us from Rethymnon (Rethymno), which is a city over 1 hour away from Chania. Well me being me, I thought that when you take possession of a rental car it always comes with a full tank of gas – NOPE! It comes with a full tank of gas when you get it at the car rental shop… and not delivered to you. Obvious right? Well it kind of is, but that’s what happens when you’re dealing with a first time situation.

The way inner Crete is set up is like this: Mountains, mountains, Mountains, mountains, goats and more Mountains! It’s not a very populated area on the inside and you can definitely tell! The last gas station we saw was about 15 minutes or so from Chania, but it was almost 45 minutes by the time that we noticed the little pointer thing basically pointing down to E. And our electronic mileage reader telling us we had 25 KMs until E… and just like 20… and just like 15… and, well you get the point. We were really scared! Not only are there no gas stations when you take the scenic route from Chania to Paleochora, there’s also almost no people, either houses or drivers. It’s a lonely place out there! And then you’re faced with the African-like burning sun (it’s really not that far from Africa…). So yeah… not a place you want to be stranded.

BUT WE GOT SAVED RIGHT IN THE NICK OF TIME! Just as our fuel reader was flirting with extreme end of the E, we descended from the mountains into a valley where we spotted a nice, rustic Cretan Inn in the town of Omalos (it’s barely that…). I didn’t film it but we kissed the ground in excitement! I kid… 😛 But they did have enough fuel to bail us out, well for a little while anyways. The charge? NONE! This is how friendly people are in Crete – they are SUPER nice!

To Exari in Omalos

We then had lunch there because why not? The food was rustic and delicious. This is really what travel is about, finding a nice little rustic spot run by a family where you get to interact with everyone in their natural habitat. It also brings me back to my childhood, but I digress…

We then proceeded to make our way to Paleochora where I give a very brief tour of our hotel room. It’s small but it does the job and it’s right across from the beach.

Later on, we of course get lost – LOL! Obviously our brains weren’t working properly at this point… But we did make our way to main area of Palaiochora, where we had a delicious supper and enjoyed some really good table-side traditional Rebetiko Greek Music which, to me, is reminiscent of the American Blues genre – real, gritty but beautiful and inspiring, and you don’t have to understand a word for those things to be true.

Fried Fish in Paleochora (Palaiochora) in Crete, Greece at Inochoos Restaurant
Fried Calmari in Paleochora (Palaiochora) in Crete, Greece at Inochoos Restaurant

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